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Construction Waste Collection Essex: Building Waste Removal Services

The management of waste from a building site is a tough, time-consuming, and demanding process.

DTM Skips seek to provide a simple, efficient construction waste collection service in Essex that satisfies the demands of those requiring building waste removals.

Building Waste Removals Essex

DTM Skips provide a trustworthy, environmentally-friendly service to construction and building companies across the Essex region.

DTM Skips provide a comprehensive skip hire service that not only provides the skip(s) required, but also manages and processes the waste that has been generated.

Our simple, fuss-free service ensures that no time is wasted during development. This provides a safer working environment for a construction crew, as well as ensuring your project meets all regulatory requirements.

Construction Waste Removal Service Essex

We take environmental concerns seriously. We do not want to contribute to landfill, so we have developed a large sorting centre based in Billericay, Essex.

This is where we will process all of the waste disposed of in our skips, separating out recyclable items for reuse and repurpose.

If you don’t mind the minor boast, we have to mention that our waste management centre achieves recycling rates of around 99% – we practice what we preach when it comes to caring for the future of the environment.

We are a licensed waste disposal firm and take great pride in the work we do. We know how irritating building waste management can be for construction companies, so we ensure a thorough commitment to alleviating concerns in the most efficient, eco-friendly manner possible.

As well as working with clients for their immediate waste management and removal needs, we are more than happy to provide advice and guidance on the management of waste in the future.

We spread our enthusiasm for preventing items being sent to landfill to our customers, so if you have any questions at any point during your involvement with us, we’ll be more than happy to provide the answers.

The Environmental Threat

As a prolific and respected waste management company, we take our responsibility to the future of the planet very seriously.

The UK is currently falling short of its recycling goal, and we want to help improve this, one customer at a time.

We know it’s an uphill battle, particularly for the construction and building sector.

● Construction is responsible for 32% of the UK’s landfill – more than any other industry.
● 60 million tonnes are wasted in the construction industry every year; materials that are delivered to a site and never used.

These numbers require improvement, and we are dedicated to playing our part in this effort.

It is this motivation that drives and inspires our waste management and removal services, and guarantees we are committed to providing the best possible service to our customers.

What We Offer

● We provide skips suitable for commercial sites and building projects of all kinds.
● We offer a variety of different skip sizes, ranging from two-yards to 12-yards, so you’re guaranteed to find the right size of for your needs.
● We can provide a same-day drop off service for your skip, ensuring maximum convenience.
● We are absolutely committed to providing our service for an affordable, competitive price – we believe no business should be priced out of environmentally-conscious recycling.
● When your skip is full, we will remove the waste and process it at our dedicated recycling centre.
● 99% of the waste that we receive is recycled.
● We operate under strict adherence to all council and local authority regulations.
● Free quotes for our services; feel free to call us to discuss your needs with no obligation!

What We Can’t Recycle

There are numerous items we cannot recycle, such as televisions, major appliances, tyres, and medical waste. However, for anything that can be recycled, we guarantee that we will do so.

How Our Service Works

We offer a simple, step-by-step process that ensures ease of use and transparency for all of our customers.

  1. Get in touch with us for a quote for skip hire.
  2. We will happily advise and guide you towards the right skip for your requirements and provide a quotation.
  3. As we’re certain you’ll be happy with our quotation, you’ll then be able to request the delivery of your skip – remember, same day drop off may be available!
  4. Your skip will remain at your chosen location for the duration of your hire.
  5. On your chosen date, we will collect your skip and return the waste for processing at our dedicated Billericay site.

If you are working on a small site or are subject to planning regulations, we also offer “skip and load” services to ensure maximum convenience.

Simple, effective, affordable, and environmentally-conscious – this is the high quality of building waste removals service that we guarantee to all of our customers.

Common Questions Customers Have About Skip Hire


What can I put in my skip?

Any and all building waste materials that are generated during the construction process. When we collect your skip, we will process all items for recycling wherever possible.

What items do you recycle?

We recycle 99% of the waste that we receive. This includes:

● Paper
● Wood
● Glass
● Food waste and scraps
● Soft plastics
● Cardboard…
● … and more.

What are “skip and load” services?

Our skip and load service ensures a quick turnaround for sites with restricted space or access. Many areas are not permitted – or not able – to host skips for a long period of time.

In these instances, we will deliver a skip, wait for it to be loaded, and remove it as soon as it is ready to go.

This ensures a skip is in place for as short a time as possible, helping to guarantee convenience and meet all regulations.

So if you need a skip anywhere in Essex…

… just give us a call! We have the experience, the knowledge, and the facilities to ensure a simple, effective process from start to finish.

Leave your building waste management in our hands, knowing you can rely on our professional, eco-friendly approach throughout every stage of the process.

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