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Difference between Domestic and Commercial Skip Hire

When it comes to managing the wastes in our home and the area nearby, most of us prefer hiring the waste management services for better removal and managing of the garbage. Managing the waste is not only done for making our home and surroundings cleaner but to also keep our environment free of its harmful consequences.

When the garbage and wastes get accumulated in and around our place where we stay, it gradually keeps spreading more and thereby leads to an unhealthier environment for both humans and nature. The growing microorganisms on the garbage dump yards or the polluted surroundings, they all cause harms to the society and environment in many ways.

Today, we are going to discuss the difference between such domestic and commercial skips for the waste management purpose.

The sizes

This is considered to be the chief difference between the commercial skips and the domestic skips. The size of the skip depends extensively on the volume of the wastes to be removed. And as we know, the quantity of the commercial wastes are always more than the domestic waste size, that’s why a bigger skip size is needed for the waste removal when compared to the skip size of the domestic waste removal.

So, when you opt for commercial skip hire, do make sure that you get the perfect skip size to carry out all the needful without any inconvenience. Also, the rule is that you cannot fill the skip fully and so having a small-sized skip might cause unnecessary trouble in the removal of the wastes if the quantity is huge (which is obvious in the case of commercial wastes.)

Differing uses

The role of a commercial skip and a domestic skip differs majorly. Like you can use the domestic skip even for DIY clearing of the wastes apart from the removal of the basic garbages of the household. But when it comes to using the commercial skips, they are used mainly for the industrial waste issues, apart from the obvious building projects, clearance of old offices, shop refits, etc. So, when you opt for commercial or domestic skip hire, do have a clear idea on mind about the usage of the skip in clearing the wastes properly.

Licensing issues

Well, this one is a very important factor in differing the skips into the commercial and domestic category. When you hire the skip for your domestic waste clearance purpose, you don’t need any such licensing or permission from the governing authorities. But when you want to hire the skips for commercial purpose or when you need to use it on a public property, then you need to acquire permission for its usage and obtain a permit for the same. Moreover, that is why the legal concerns differ the skip categories in these terms.

The cost

It is a fact that larger the skip size, or the cost to hire it, but in certain cases, you may find the option of cheap skip hire within your reaches that are provided by several skip hire companies these days. They provide the domestic and commercial skips at not much difference in the costing unless there is a huge difference in the workload. Sometimes, the volume of work decides for the cost and as we know, the domestic waste size is not always much huge, so we can expect a footfall in the skip hire prices for domestic garbage removal when compared to the commercial skip hires.

Keep the environment clean with waste management services

There is no better feeling than living in a cleaner environment and surroundings. Not many of us can always manage to live in an area which is clean and free of pollution. And with the growing population and busier lifestyles of people these days, managing the wastes seems a tough task altogether. But thanks to these waste management services who take it on their stride to keep out home and office cleaner and disease free by removing the wastes appropriately.

The availability of easy booking of the services and the variant skip sizes proves to be the best companions in keeping the environment clean. So, we must never allow garbage to accumulate in and around our place of stay or work to be healthy ourselves and to keep the environment clean as well; the cleaner the surroundings, the healthier we are!

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