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Global Warming – Resources For Educating Kids on Climate Change

Global Warming can be quite a tricky concept to understand, especially at the ages children are still trying to figure out the world around them. Which is why the best way to teach them, is to lead by example. First of all, us adults should fully understand what global warming is in order to teach others. It would also be beneficial for you to learn some causes of climate change and how we can do more to help prevent further damage.

Is Global Warming Real?

As silly as this sounds, many people (including adults) believe global warming is a myth. Unfortunately, it is as real as the ground beneath us. And if we continue to dismiss these global warming facts, that very same ground we stand on could melt, crumble, or even cease to exist for our future generations. Scary, right?

How to Help the Environment

Do not threat, there are ways we can contribute to the solution, instead of participating in the problem. One of which is buying Earth friendly products that do not harm our environment. Of these Earth friendly products, you can find in most supermarkets and high street stores.

If you would like to spend a little more money to make sure your green products are exactly what they say they are, buy from green companies. This can be places like Lush or BodyShop for example. Both of which pride themselves on their unique and organic, eco friendly products.

Eco-friendly Ideas

With our growing understanding of how to make products that do not harm our Earth, there is pretty much an eco friendly product for everything we need.

Sustainable Living

Sustainability is something that everyone should know about. There are many sustainable communities and sustainable agriculture, but not many of us fully understand the sustainability meaning. You can explain to your kids how to be eco friendly and sustainable by showing them ways to get the most out of products, before throwing them away. Of course, teach them about recycling too. You can look at our other post for some tips on Recycling For Kids.

By doing this, as they grow up they will be able to recognise the signs, logos, images and everything else that can tell them whether a product is eco-friendly or not. We have a previous blog post entitled Recycling Symbols Explained.

global warming resources for kids

Global Warming Articles And Resources

There have been thousands of environmental studies carried out over the years, many of which have helped make up reliable global warming statistics. Although, those articles are a lot more in depth than what our little ones will understand, these studies have given other companies enough information to break it down and make resources for children.

Sustainable Development Definition

In brief, sustainable development means that the development will be done without harming the environment.  BBC Bitesize have great learning resources, including more in depth information on this topic.

Pollution Causes, Effects and Prevention

Another great site that explains the concepts of how to conserve energy, what carbon emissions, green house gases and ecosystems are, is Climate Kids from NASA. To find more information on global warming for kids, check out the site that NASA has dedicated to teaching children all about climate change. They answer questions similar to ‘what is climate change’, ‘what are the causes of climate change’ and ‘what is the green house effect’.

Love The Earth We Live On

Lastly and most importantly, we must teach the younger generations to love our Earth and to respect it. We want to make sure we do as much as possible in keeping the world healthy, so please share this post on Facebook to spread the love.

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