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How to Load a Skip | Infographic

Did you manage to score a cheap skip hire? Congrats. But by no means is that the end of your waste disposal task. There is the all-important job of loading the skip you’ve just hired. Loading a skip in the right way is important. Not only does it make things easier for you and the skip company but also saves you quite a bit of money.

How, you many wonder aloud. Well, did you know that there is a limit to the weight that a skip lorry can carry. This weight is usually pegged to the skip size you’ve ordered. So, if you end up loading your skip beyond its rated capacity, the skip company will charge you for a bigger lorry. In a similar vein, the commercial skip hire company is well within its rights to refuse to take your skip if it is loaded above the skip fill line. Loading the skip within its rated weight-carrying capacity and below its marked load line, as such, are considered skip loading best practices.

There are scores of other best practices as well that you can adopt when loading a skip. Breaking up large items into smaller ones, loading heavier items at the bottom and using a skip ramp are some of the other best practices that you can follow when loading a skip.

The infographic below illustrates each of these best practices and makes the task of loading your skip easier, both for you as well as the commercial skip hire company.

How to Load a Skip

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