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Recycling For Kids – How To Teach Them to Recycle

Recycling is a big part of our everyday lives and should be considered extremely important. Going green can be as easy as putting the right waste into the right bin. As adults, our grownup minds already understand which rubbish goes in which bin. Unfortunately, for our little ones, it can get a tad confusing.

Recycling Facts For Kids

Due to the masses of variety in materials and objects, young kids can get overwhelmed by all the prospects. Not to mention that they might not fully understand why we recycle and what recycling really means. Going through recycling history and how things have changed is also interesting.  Which is why we want to help you, as parents, help your children in becoming green. Hopefully, in return, we can all make the world a more sustainable place for our sons and daughters.

Why Do We Recycle?

The big question that all kids seem to love to ask is why? Every little child loves this three lettered word. They are intrigued to learn more facts about recycling. Even if the constant repeat of “why” can get rather annoying. Instead of answering this, give them a chance to figure it out themselves. Get them to understand the best way of learning, is to do. Experiences are what stick in our minds, not words that go in one ear and out the other.

Recycling Activities For Kids

Creating a project that teaches recycling for children can help answer any questions in a real and practical way. If your children are older, set them some research tasks they can complete online or in books. For the younger ones, use resources and educational games for kids. The BBC has some really good resources and games to help with this.

What Can We Recycle? – Recycling Games For Kids

Get their creative sides involved to make it more fun. Let them create recycling posters with one side labeled ‘RUBBISH’ and the other ‘RECYCLING’. Give them a few crafty supplies and simple images of rubbish and recycling objects. Allow them to get creative and place things on the wrong sides.

Once they have finished ask them why they put each object on either side. If any were wrong, get them to swap them over and explain why they had to be moved. After this, you can display their posters near the bins in your house so they can look back at is as a reference of things to recycle.

Recycling for Kids – Recycling Tips For Kids

Teaching kids about recycling can be tough, let’s be honest. So, why not make it easier for them while they are still learning and trying to remember all the information? Colour code the bins, simple and easy. Print out images to stick on the bins for them, or even get them to decorate the bins themselves. Another fun idea is to create your own recycled art by taking what would be rubbish and turn it into something.

Recycling Facts Songs

If your kids aren’t the arts and crafts type, maybe they would learn better if you made up a “reduce, reuse, recycle” song or even a recycling symbols explained song with lyrics about each symbol and what it means. You can incorporate information on pollution and ways to go green. Make it catchy so it is easy to remember. This is great if you have a musician in the family that can help create a tune or song. If you want to cheat a little, you could always find a YouTube video.

Recycling Centres Essex

Lastly, take them on a trip to the recycling center. Let them experience first hand what happens to the things they recycle. We hope this guide will help you in teaching recycling to your children. If it does, then give this post a share on Facebook and Twitter.

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