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Skip Hire Facts – The History Of Skips

Skips may seem like a rather tiresome subject to read about, however, we have plucked out the most absorbing skip hire facts just for you. Continue reading to turn your boring hunt for a skip hire into a fun learning experience. You could even become an expert in skip hire if you wanted to take it that far.

Skip Hires Background in the Swinging 60’s

Skip hiring wasn’t around until the swinging 60’s when Germany started the idea of hiring a skip. Before this people had to use small tipper carts and wagons. As you can imagine this costed a lot of time and needed someone with stamina and strength. Not only was there the extra physical work needed to be done but it was also only the well off who could afford this.

Skip Hire Facts Through The Years

Even after skip hire had been introduced it was still rather expensive at the time. Due to the bulky containers many who lived on small, narrow streets or remote areas were not able to use skips. In addition, to all these restrictions there was only one size skip ( 5 – 6 cubic yards ). This then meant that big amounts of rubbish and waste would not even fit. This resulted in more expenses for another container. The skip hire background hasn’t got the best of reputations. Lucky for us time has passed and better systems have been put in place to conquer these issues. It is now much easier to hire containers and the size variety needed is now provided.

Yellow Containers – The Original Skip Hire Colour Scheme

Many skips used to be the very attractive colour of yellow. This was all thanks to the 1971 Highways Act that enforced many skip regulations. One of which was that skips had to be visible in the dark. This is where the bright yellow colour scheme came in. It was determined that yellow was much more visible in low light than any other colour. Although many skips are still yellow because of this regulation, many also have upgraded with lights to ensure maximum visibility when there is a rubbish removal.

Green Waste Skip

Rewinding to the beginning of the groundbreaking skip hire industry, skips were meant for one thing and one thing only. To get rid of waste. Skip companies did not come across the idea that they could help the Earth with this new found service until a long time had passed. Nowadays, recycling is at it’s peak and recycling history is an interesting topic. More and more skip hire companies are becoming green. Due to the advances in technology and the brilliant minds of skip hire experts, each skip is becoming more convenient. Who knew skips could be so interesting?

Skip Hire Information

If you would like to hire a skip in Essex please do not hesitate to give us a call at DTM Skips. We hope you found these skip facts engaging and let us know any more interesting skip hire facts you would like to share.

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