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A Guide to Choosing the Right Skip Hire Size for Waste Management

Whether you are renovating your home, clearing out your office space or getting the garden redone, the last thing you need is for the skip you hired to fall short of your requirements. Unfortunately, this happens far more frequently than most people would like to believe.

So how does one ensure their commercial skip hire is a perfect match for their needs? The obvious answer is to choose the right skip size. Choosing the right skip size is all about knowing how much waste you’ll need to haul. The amount of rubbish or waste produced depends upon the task you’ve undertaken. For instance, clearing a large building site needs a much larger skip size than something like renovating your kitchen.

If you pick a size far larger than what you need, it’s a waste of money. If you go for a size smaller than what you need, there is the prospect of getting burdened with some wastage. This is why determining the exact size of your waste is so important.

An exercise that can help you here is to sort out which items can be recycled, donated and disposed of. You should also educate yourself on which items can be put in a skip and which can’t. After all, what’s the point in paying for a skip that you cannot use!

Doing that should give you a reasonably good idea about the amount of waste you’ll generate and the size of skip you’ll need for the purpose. We’ve put together a simple and easy to understand Infographic that compares the waste-holding capacity of a particular skip size to the number of wheelie bins required for the same purpose. So a two yard skip is good enough to hold six and a half wheelie bins full of waste. Please note that all these are approximate figures and do not factor in the volume of certain types of waste. For instance, tiles and other similar construction materials might not weight much but take up more space owing to their volume. However, this guide is a good place to begin your search for the right commercial or residential skip hire from. If you’d like further help with picking the right skip size or need other waste management services in Essex, get in touch with us.

As a final point, it bears mentioning that when it comes to choosing between various skip sizes, it’s better to be on the side of caution.

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