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Water Quality Month – What You Need To Know About Water Pollution

August is here and that means it is also national water quality month. An entire month dedicated to educating people about water pollution. Which is why we have decided to write this blog to help the cause. Read on to learn some water pollution information and how we can help the control of water pollution effects as a skip hire company and waste management company we take these things seriously.

What Are The Causes Of Water Pollution?

But what is water pollution? It’s the contamination of water. That means water that has got unnatural substances, liquids or objects dumped into it. The main causes of water pollution is littering and harmful gases.

These harmful gases and emissions get mixed up in the natural cycle process. The pollutants get swept up along with other natural gases and start to form clouds. Of course, these clouds then end up raining over us and falling into water bodies such as rivers.

Types Of Water Pollution

Other large issues that are causing river pollution are:
● Marine dumping
● Accidental oil spills/leaks
● Sewer water
● Mining
● Landfill leakage
● Global warming

Pollution Of Water Information

Unfortunately due to the damage we, as humans have done to cause polluted water, there is not a quick solution of water pollution. There are however, steps we can take towards figuring out water pollution solutions.

In the meantime we should be doing everything we can to prevent polluted water from getting worse. That means trying to keep our carbon footprint down, not littering and disposing of waste properly.

Water Quality Month – Solutions To Water Pollution

If we knew how to control water pollution, we would do everything we could to spread the word and help save our Earth. But what we do know is that we can help the cause by recycling everything possible that gets sent to us in our skips. For more information on water pollution and pollution solutions visit

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