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Weird Things Found In Skips

Most believe skip rubbish is just that, rubbish. However, being a company that offers cheap skip hire in Essex we’ve found some bizarre things and heard some even more incredible stories. After hearing about these bizarre, expensive and weird things that were thrown out in skips, your opinion on what is thought of as rubbish, may change.

A Strange Burial – Coffins In A Skip?

One of the more sinister objects on our list of weird things was something found back in 2007. The reason this find is so interesting is that the police never found who it belonged to. Fortunately there wasn’t any rotting corpses in the coffin, but it does beg to question who was the coffin meant for? What happened to said person? More importantly, who would chuck a coffin in a skip?

It is more than likely that there is a reasonable explanation to this little mishap. However, it is much more intriguing when a crime mystery is added to the mix of possible scenarios.

£100 Million Worth Of Stolen Art Found In A Skip

Next up on our list of strange things that rubbish removal and Skip Hire companies have found, is the most expensive and valuable item on our post. The Art heist of Paris’s Musée d’Art Moderne. In 2010, that’s only six years ago, pieces of Art were found destroyed in a brutally ironic heist. The group of vigilantes stole the artwork – worth millions I should add, then after all their hard work and sneaky criminal planning, to what end did these masterpieces endure?

Rubbish disposal, yes that is right. The thieves got a little too scared after they had committed such a crime that they thought it be best to chuck them in a skip to get shredded up. Unfortunately for them, when they got caught they ended up admitting to trying to destroy the evidence. Which in turn, ironically meant that they lost all the future millions and killed one of a kind art that can not be replaced. Oh yes, and then there is also the possible loss of 10 – 20 years of their thieving freedom. Well, at least now they know what happens to rubbish in skips.

Caravan Dumped In A Skip In Wales

Ladies and Gentlemen, for our last act of the night we have the amazing, fantastical Caravan Balancing Act of South Wales. Okay, now this one is so much of an unusual find. However it does become unusual when you find out that the caravan dumpees, did not bother to break the caravan up. They simply threw it on top of the skip. Not in, on top.

We have no idea how they even got the massive vehicle onto the skip, but we do know that the skip hire company refused to take it. A caravan is defintely not included in your standard Skip hire prices. This meant the had to get the caravan back off the skip, tear it all apart and then shove it all inside the skip. Only then would the company take it and rightly so.

Dumpster Diving For Weird Things in Skips

As we are so sure you will want to start jumping into skips on a scavenge to find the next strangest and possibly extremely valuable and rare item, please be careful. Not only is it highly likely that there will be sharp objects in them, you also may notice a few rubbish bin bugs. Just like wheelie bin bacteria, if there is a dirty skip the amount of bacteria will grow due to more rubbish for it to feed off of.

But hang on, is dumpster diving illegal in the UK? No, it is not lucky enough for you. However, you can get in trouble for trespassing while you are on a rummage in the skip. We now know you can dumpster dive, however is it illegal to take stuff from a skip? Again the answer is no. All abandoned items are considered to not have an owner, therefore can not be stolen.Did you enjoy this post? Discovered something new? Let us know what weird things have you found in skips.

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