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At DTM skips & Concrete, we offer top quality concrete services. With our modern, high level fully automated mobile volumetric concrete batching plants, we can mix both concrete and floor screed, to give you the exact mix you are after.

Our vehicle offers on-site mixed concrete, which means that you’ll get the best out of the cement or screed. You won’t have to worry about the mix not being in a suitable state because of delays or any other unwanted variables you may encounter. Our batching plant has the capabilities of being able to mix an impressive 1m³ of the concrete/minute, which means you’ll be able to focus on the important tasks, knowing your concrete will be ready on time. The cement we provide is CEM 1. It Conforms to BC EN197-1, as required.

Our Chelmsford concrete service goes above and beyond to ensure that you are receiving the best possible service you can when it comes to screed and concrete in Essex. We make sure all measurements are accurate, allowing you to worry about one less thing.

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Here are the types of concrete mixes we deliver
C8 – C8 mix is used when stabilising underground pipework to support the pipes once it dries. It can be used for erecting posts, kerbs, and general cementing.

C10 & C15 – These cement mixes can be used as a foundational surface for non-load bearing walls and garden walls up to 900mm high.

C20 – This cement mix is used for slab foundations used for houses.

C25 – C25 cement is useful for house foundations where the bearing ground is unstable or soft. It can also be used for walkways and pathways.

C30 & C35 – These cement mixes are perfect for roadways, farm pathways, or for areas that you can expect HGV’s or constant traffic of cars to pass by.

C4 & 45 – This cement mix is used in farming and the construction of silage pits. This cement is made to withstand the strong corrosive nature of the chemicals that can be produced by the contents of the pit.

We offer our ready-mix concrete service to all areas of Essex, including:

Concrete Floors & Floor Screed Chelmsford

Whether you are looking for floor screed or a concrete base for a shed or extension we can help with our volumetric concrete on-site mixers.

We deliver our floor screeds on-site with the exact measurements requested. We offer all types of floor screeds in Chelmsford.

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